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Portugal’s variety of landscapes is enormous and includes a coastline that surrounds it from north to south.  Mountains and plains, valleys, caves, rivers and lakes and a number of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that are unique in the world. The Azores and Madeira. In its architecture we find deep contrasts between castles, palaces and modern architecture buildings and even futuristic. 
Portugal in its approximately 35,603 sq miles can be covered in only 5 hours in modern and fast freeways. The flights between islands are regular and only 2 hours away. In Lisbon we find fully equipped studios with large square areas. 
The sun shines 300 days a year and the average temperature is 61ºF. Portugal has led as a top destination on a number of tourism awards and is becoming very attractive for tech and film companies with it´s incentive policies. 
Blanche Films, and its director Pedro Varela, have created and produced the most important and awarded international campaigns for the Portuguese Board of Tourism. We know our country like no one else. Take a look:
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Commercial Films

Once the choice to shoot in Portugal is made, BLANCHE is able to take a step forward taking care of production at all levels.

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Pedro de Oliveira,

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Film & Series

Portugal offers one of the highest fiscal deduction levels in Europe up to 30% on Cash Rebate.

Moreover, the diversity of landscapes and the high quality film professionals make Portugal a perfect location for international productions.

We are open to fully producing projects or to co-produce films with international partners taking care of all production needs.

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